Tu Beer Hai Bhen C**D !!

Tu Beer Hai Bhen C**D !!

Tu Beer Hai Bhen C**D !!

Are You A Beer ?

So , I was watching this newly launched series “ TVF Pitchers ” the other day and it was really an answer from India to “ Silicon Valley ” . If you have seen the trailers , you must have seen the dialogues where a successful entrepreneur asks the wannapreneur as follows . “Tu Kya Hai ?” To reply to this the wannapreneur states the obvious , his name and designation . To this the successful entrepreneur / mentor replies “Tu Beer Hai Bhen C**D” . And perfectly explains the situation .

I could realize this “ Tu Beer Hai ” scene in my own life and it made so much sense now . This scene was so awesome that it inspired me to write this post and I believe you will feel the same once you go through it . To all the aspiring entrepreneurs , believe me when I say I have faced this dilemma too . It’s reasonable to think to start your own because 72% of us dream about living life on our own terms, escaping the day job, breaking down the cubicle walls and adventuring into business for ourselves.

So, You want to start but let's take following points to consideration if you really want to? !!

1. Are you passionate about the problem you're solving (Your Idea )

The things about ideas are, that they are worth shit . They ain’t got no deal . The only thing matters in your startup is execution ( i.e . Team + Problem You're solving ). If you are not passionate about solving the idea please for god’s sake don't start .

2. Have you found a Co Founder yet ?

The ideal situation would be your co founder should be passionate as you are , for solving this problem and could bear half of your responsibilities . S/He is willing to go full time whenever you are .

3. How Huge of a market You’re targeting at?

If the market you’re targeting isn’t huge enough or not disruptive you still could try to make it the next big thing but, the bigger the market is, the better it is .

4. Do You have enough funds to survive ?

Before you start thinking about quitting your day job save at least 6 -12 months of survival amount for you . If your startup is an operation heavy one then you will probably need more stash .

5. Have you built a MVP yet ?

MVP is important to your business whether it may be a landing page or a feedback form or a working prototype . Focus on only the core features that make your product desirable to your audience. Don’t take feedback from your friends and family , they will always support you . Talk to real customers , gather their feedback and get an idea what features they need for which they are willing to pay .

Congratulation You have reached to the end of the article ! If you’re nodding at all the points stated by me above , then You’re just ready enough to make the world a better place !!

Go Start Yourself !!

In the meanwhile if you have some time to kill, please do checkout Xprep and sign up for the MVP we’re building .