The Final GoodBye And The New Beginning

The Final GoodBye And The New Beginning

The Final GoodBye And The New Beginning

It’s always hard to break up with someone/somethings you are attached to for a long time , you put in a lot of blood and sweat, from 24 hours of a day you spend most of the time thinking about it, to achieve some dreams, to achieve the impossible , you drag your ass to Seek Discomfort and put your 110% towards making it work .

Isn’t it hard breaking up?

I am not the kind who takes important decisions of life lightly, I take enough time to analyze the situation and take decisions that I won’t regret later. I go all in when I believe in something ( sometimes that’s a problem ). Some might say I am a gambler, not denying it. When you find something worthwhile to pursue you shouldn’t miss the opportunity, I am a true believer of this.

I did the same thing when I met Mukul and Bhaswat 3 years back. I jumped on the bandwagon to organize the largest after-school market. The first time I met them, I clearly could see their passion to solve this problem and I found my bet. Just after me, Vatsal and Nikhil also decided to pursue this problem. Honestly, I couldn’t have dreamt of Classplus’s current situation at that time.

We started our journey from a 2 BHK room in Krishna Nagar and now we are operating across 10 cities in India. My cofounders and my team believed in what we were trying to achieve, everyone on my team is passionate about the job they are responsible for.

I just wanted to say “ THANK YOU ”. When I say You, I don’t just mean the Founding Team behind Classplus, don’t just mean all the employees that decided to join making Classplus a reality, don’t just mean the investors, the clients or the amazing interns we had over the years. It’s not just the incredible family that supported our teammates during difficult times, It’s not just the competitions we had all this time. I count everyone who was / is / will be related to Classplus anyhow, making this dream come true. That’s what I mean when I say You. Thank You, Everyone . It’s been an amazing journey .

Classplus , the team , the product and the 3 years I have spent here have been incredibly special . I am proud to have taken this plunge where I could watch Classplus from a team in a room with just an idea to truly the best of team and product . I had the opportunity to be an architect , leader of rockstar techies I think I have done my best to grow each one of you on different levels (Feedbacks are welcome ).

While solving this hard problem I have learned a lot ( especially in managerial skills ) while still getting my hands dirty on the code . I have learned from each one of my team . So I have taken upon few months until I get back on track.

Sorry to everyone who I let down by taking this decision , Sorry for being a disappointment for leaving you in between The Journey . You might be unsatisfied with my reasons and think of me as a selfish person but I had to do this . I couldn’t live like this anymore . I apologize for leaving the boat in the middle of the river . I can’t be the captain anymore (for the time being) .


Thus I am saying Goodbye to my Classplus Family with an equal amount of sadness , excitement and apprehension . The company is witnessing exponential growth for the fantastic product, the amazing team we have, the future you are going to witness will be incredible whether if I am there or not. I am going to miss the team: I’ve learned more from the team in last three years than in any other role I’ve ever been. I am going to miss annoying you all with my terrible jokes . Here’s to what the future holds. I wish you all the success in the world.


“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety. ” — Abraham Maslow

What we’ve accomplished is amazing- but I’m exhausted , I am a dissapointment for my family in which I am going to achieve some improvements in next couple of months .

I might take few consults to manage my expenses in this Me Time. Not sure at this time but I might take upon some Engineering Manager Roles once I am statisfied with my innerself / ready .

It might be difficult for me to pursue bigger problems now but I will try, Forever .

Good Bye And Thanks…