It's Time!


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I am a huge believer in this quote

Life is a lot like poker, you just have to figure out when to fold and when to go all-in

Before I go on with this life update, I dearly wanted to share more learnings over the last couple of years but could not due to other priorities most of the time.

Life has literally changed for me in the past few years like a bull run in the stock market. I know myself better, what I am good at and what I am not/should work on. It definitely helps in the long run to understand the foundations of your drive.

After the amazing 2 years, I am moving on from LocoNav to start a new chapter. Really thankful to the people I have worked with while solving real-life problems of transporters.

I got to build and shape an engineering team that went above and beyond to solve some unique engineering problems at scale. I learned exponentially at LocoNav for which I am truly grateful.

A huge thanks and shoutout to all the awesome folks I got to work with and collaborate with while building this amazing product and made friends/mentors for a lifetime along the way. Wish the LocoNav Family all the luck for newer heights to achieve. #mission2025๐Ÿš€

Now itโ€™s onwards to new adventures. It was always at the back of my mind to start something new, exciting, and worthwhile while having fun.

It's time to write another story

It's time to disrupt another huge market

It's time to create impact at a scale that hasn't been done before

It's time to create something worthwhile pursuing

It's time to go all-in!

I am excited to announce that Vatsal, Sparsh and I have taken the plunge to start FactoryPlus where we are revolutionizing manufacturing industries by digitizing factories.

Most of the MSME factories in India are operating without any software/tool to manage their day-to-day production operations.

With FactoryPlus, we are making factories smarter, faster, and cost-effective with our smart factory management platform. Our mission is to enable manufacturers to spend less time with manual operations and to focus more on growing their business.

FactoryPlus is a technology platform for MSME manufacturers.

We are now looking for changemakers who love the startup hustle, build things from scratch, and have ownership.

It's too early to say this but I will say this anyway, I have been building software for the better part of the last decade but never had this kind of conviction with any of my earlier projects. It's like buying into bitcoin in 2015.

If you know anyone you want to succeed in life or think they haven't got the perfect opportunity yet. Let them know there is an opportunity that will change their life. They just have to reach us at .

Until next time. Keep yourself safe and healthy.

Four things don't come back: The spoken word, The sped arrow, The past life, The neglected opportunity.